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Conference: May 7-11, 2012
Reg. Registration Ends: April 20, 2012
Late Registration: April 21 to May 11


Student Paper Review

Congratulations to the following top-10 student paper finalists!

Student paper award finalists will present their papers at the Student Paper Review on Monday May 7, 2012 at 4:30-6:30pm. Each speaker will have 10 minutes, including Q&A, to present their work to the review panel. Papers were scheduled at random and Aaron Lanterman will chair the event.

ONR Special thanks to ONR for its support of the student paper program.

The order of speakers will be:

  1. "The Atmospheric Imaging Radar: System Validation and Observations of Severe Weather" Brad Isom, Robert Palmer, Redmond Kelley, John Meier, and David Bodine.
  2. "Cognitive Radio Network as Wireless Sensor Network (III): Passive Target Intrusion Detection and Experimental Demonstration" Changchun Zhang, Zhen Hu, Terry N. Guo, R.C. Qiu, and Kenneth Currie
  3. "The Recursive Form of Error Bounds for RFS State and Observation with Pd<1" Huisi Tong, Hao Zhang, Huadong Meng, and Xiqin Wang
  4. "Software Defined Radar Sudies of Human Motion Signatures" J. Park, J.T. Johnson, N. Majurec, M. Frankford, E. Culpepper, J. Reynolds, J. Tenbarge, and L. Westbrook
  5. "Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Structured Covariance Matrix with a Condition Number Constraint" L. Pallotta, A. Aubry, A. De Maio, and A. Farina

    Break: 10 Minutes
  6. "Compressive CFAR Radar Detection" Laura Anitori, Arian Maleki, Richard G. Baraniuk, and Matern Otten
  7. "Multi-target Tracking via Dynamic-Programming Based Track-Before-Detect" Wei Yi, Mark R. Morelande, Ling-Jiang Kong, Jian-Yu Yank, and Xiao-Bo Deng
  8. "Linear Local Data Fusion for a Sequential Test" Xiufeng Song, Peter Willett, and Shengli Zhou
  9. "Antenna Beam Patterns in MIMO Radar" Tegan Webster, Liwei Xu, and Margaret Cheney
  10. "Transmitter-in-the-Loop Optimization of Physical Radar Emission" John Jakaboksy, Shannon D. Blunt, Matthew R. Cook James Stiles, and Sarah A. Seguin